"Blessings often come to us in disguise."

"Without challenges and opposition, where would we find the opportunity to gain strength and develop character?"

"Don't listen to your fears, listen to your hopes."


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my web site. Born in Germany, I made my home in California for many years. The inspiration I received from the quotations in this book, inspired me to write Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs. It is my hope any reader may find the quotations to be equally inspirational and helpful. Throughout the book I have included some of my own quotations.

I like to invite you to check out my cook book Discover Tofu, published under my maiden name Wendelstein. I was inspired to write the cook book after being asked so many times in the market checkout line, "How do you cook tofu? What can you do with it? My Doctor asked me to include tofu into my diet, but it tastes so blah." It was my intention to prove, that tofu can easily be included into our diet and can also be tasteful. Mixed with other food, tofu becomes like a sponge, absorbing the flavor of the food it is cooked with. The cook book contains 62 easy to prepare recipes.

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