Life is a journey - sometimes over wondrous mountain tops of joy and other times through dark valleys of pain and despair. For Lisa Meriweather that journey was facilitated and made bearable by the inspired wisdom of others who have traveled the way before. This book is her effort to share just some of the reflections that encouraged her most on her trip through life: Ambrosia - the fruit of many courageous souls.

When I first started reading Ambrosia, by the 3rd. page I said, “Wow! This book is great!” It is not a book to read straight through, it is too powerful. It is to dip into and find pleasure, inspiration or comfort, under each topic.

In her latest release, Ambrosia: Streams from Many Springs,” Lisa Meriweather has written a truly heartfelt inspiring piece of work filled with shining gems of wisdom. Thank you Lisa for your delightful book.